Funeral of Loved Ones is the ideal channel through which you may announce the passing of a loved one.  It is also a place where, Families and friends may preserve and share the memories of the deceased.

Our website offers the opportunity to create not just a mere memorial, we secure a place for you in cyberspace. Here you may erect monuments which reflects the vibrant life lived and amazing legacy left by a loved one. This has proven to be one of the best portals through which to share with others the wealth of love, knowledge, and blessings received from those we have cherished.

Taking into consideration the sensitive nature of dealing with the pain of losing a loved one, and the unpredictability of time it takes to heal or recover, FLO has created a haven for those who are grieving. With our user- friendly platform which is accessible anywhere 24/7s, you are given the awesome ability to customize and update your page as often as you wish. Here you may post or share information on service or simply ad a favorite photo. 

Guests register free and are given the ability to leave warm remarks. We are honored to be part of the celebrations of life for those you love.
We are happy to create a permanent place for your family, friends, and your pets to be remembered by sharing their great memories and life stories.

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